Shara Vujerta

A mysterious islander


Shara appears to be some kind of elementalist or necromancer from the islands that Tysus apparently calls home. Heavily tanned, with dark eyes and sun lightened brown hair, they do not overtly appear to share a nationality. His chipper attitude and gracious behavior, however do strongly resemble the young sea priest’s.

He has recently set up shop in Dayor. Apparently, the waves of undead are of some interest to him, from a crafting perspective, because they are somehow unique. When asked to put this difference to words, however, his replies require too much jargon to really follow.

Called a “Life Caller,” he specializes in the long term animation of inanimate or inert material, along with summoning creatures, often of elemental origin. Often considered the ultimate defense of any small settlement, life callers usually have one or two items with them at all times that act in some manner on their own, from dolls to weapons to small cargo wagons. In pinch situations, their unique skills grant life to various items around them, creating a makeshift militia of myriad mundane objects.

He can help summon or enhance any artificially animated or otherworldly creature for the party.

Shara Vujerta

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