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Defense of Dayor

The town of Dayor has been beset by periodic waves of skeletons and zombies recently. Fending them off has taken something of a toll on the small community, and they are quite desperate for help.

The party, having just arrived in Port Eves, has accompanied Tysus, a young sea priest, on his way to aid the town. Though previously defended by a small group of adventurers, they have disappeared and as such, the town has been fending for itself for a while. This has had a negative impact on their ability to provide for themselves, and their need of support is dire.

Further exacerbating the situation has been a group of kobolds that appear to have taken up in the wood south of the village. They seem to have oddly powerful and prolific summoning abilities, and their waylaying of travelers on the road has further hampered the town.

So far, most of the kobolds appear to have fled as many of their more powerful leaders have been dispatched by the party. However, the source of their summoning prowess has yet to be determined, and the ruins haven’t been completely explored. Further complicating things was a strange, psionic entity that briefly aided the party in obtaining some interesting items.




Shops and Services (Dayor):
Treadlight Inn
Merchant – Tysus
Merchant – Elora
Merchant – Delsanor
Merchant – Aaron

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