Elora's Pet Information

Elora’s trained animals have had the beginnings of a druidic Awakening. As such, they gain levels, and in doing so gain sentience. They impose a 30% experience gain penalty to any character with one while the pet is accompanying them in battle, which they instead gain themselves.

This is still a work in progress. I’m considering mitigating the penalty with requisite ranks of Handle Animal. So far, I’m considering and developing the following classes to be available to the pets obtained from Elora:

A unique ability, Guardian, allows the Stalwart pets to protect someone while next to them. This would include such effecs as taking some of the damage for them, or gaining attacks of opportunity against foes striking their charge. Probably going to have a more Guardian specific type of rage variant, similar to the barbarian ability.

Sneak Attacks, combined with a Quarry ability I’m totally ripping off of the 4th ed ranger, would allow this pet to be a strong dpser. The idea is for a rogue/ranger hybrid, focused on stealth and damage.

A primal beast spellcaster, utilizing a system of Blessings and Curses, along with the wildshape abilities of druids.

Nothing’s set in stone.

Elora's Pet Information

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